Vengeance Is Mine

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There are subplots involving two families, one Enokizu's own, another a mother and daughter whose inn he hides in. Both of these stories involve the amorality of the parents and the corruption of the children. Enokizu's marriage is lifeless, his mother is in the hospital, and there has long been a powerful attraction between his wife, Kazuko, and his father, Kayo. Although the two come close to sex during an interlude in a hot bath, they resist because of their Catholic values. Such values, however, do not prevent the father from suggesting to a friend that Kazuko would be willing to have sex with the other man.

Kazuko resists, until the man tells her he has the approval of Kayo. Then she submits, as if submitting to the father himself. The inn where Enokizu takes refuge is run essentially as a brothel.

Vengeance Is Mine

The mother is an ex-convict, released after a sentence for murder. The daughter, Haru, arranges prostitutes for the clients of the inn, and is herself the mistress of a businessman, who pays their lease. The two women are absolutely matter-of-fact about this arrangement, and it leads to some extraordinary dialogue. The girl falls for Enokizu, even after she knows he is a wanted killer. Observing, "I know absolutely nothing about you," which is true, she nevertheless says, "Shall we die together, professor? I'm serious. The mother goes for a walk down a bleak canal path with Enokizu. The film gathers fearful force.

Ordinary human values have been set aside for all the major characters, and that is tested above all when the rich businessman rapes Haru, with Enokizu and the mother in the next room. Haru cries for help. Enokizu seems emotionless, fixates on a dripping faucet, tightens it and then finally reaches for a knife -- but the mother stops him. She does not want to lose the man's financial support.

When the film was released in , it was sometimes called the Japanese " In Cold Blood. Richard Brooks' film offers motivations for the characters -- greed in one, childhood wounds in another. It contains a famous line: "I thought Mr. Cutter was a very nice gentleman. I thought I so liked the old man.

I thought so right up to the time I cut his throat. It is simply in his nature to kill. I stare into Enokizu's eyes, which are a blank slate, and imagine his thoughts. Does he have such contempt for life that he is killing innocent strangers simply to be hanged by the state? Maybe his victims also create ideas about him in their own minds. Certainly the girl Haru has been given no reason to believe he loves, likes or even much notices her.

He never says a single kind thing to her; indeed, says as little as possible, speaking mostly in epigrams. Insectlike, she is drawn to the candle flame. Imamura made another great film about death named " Ballad of Narayama ," which won the Cannes Film Festival in another of his films, "The Eel," won in In "Nayarama," a village traditionally determines that the time has come for an old person to die, and ceremoniously abandons him or her in the wilderness, even in winter.

It is, curiously, a life-affirming film, lacking the rage of "Vengeance Is Mine," but sharing its absorption in death.

Released on parole, he begins a new life shadowed always by the awareness that he may kill again. As a stylist, Imamura is a master of unobtrusive camera strategies. His POV is sometimes a little above eye level, which has the effect of diminishing his characters, presenting them perhaps as entomological specimens. In other shots, he will use low angles to include backgrounds in deep focus, as in the scene where Enokizu smolders in the kitchen while Haru is raped; the dripping faucet is placed and lighted to draw his, and our, attention.

During the murders, his camera holds a middle distance, not moving, once looking straight down. He does not indulge in shock cuts or quick moves; he regards objectively.

You can no more attribute motives to him in this film than to his subject. The Flash: Season 6. Into The Dark: Season 2. Robot: Season 4. Riverdale: Season 4. Saturday Night Live: Season Succession: Season 2. Supergirl: Season 5.

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Super Reviewer. Movie Info. Based on the true story, 'Vengeance is Mine' is the story of Iwao Enokizu and his murderous rampage which sparked a day nationwide manhunt. Enokizu is a day-laborer and smalltime con-artist who, after killing two of his co-workers, embarks on a psychopathic spree of rape and murder. Eluding the police and public, Japan's infamous "King of Criminals" passes himself off as a Kyoto University professor, only to become entangled with an innkeeper and her perverted mother.

Shohei Imamura. Masaru Baba , Ryuzo Saki. May 15, Ken Ogata as Iwao Enokizu. Mayumi Ogawa as Haru Asano. Rentaro Mikuni as Shizuo Enokizu. Mitsuko Baisho as Kazuko Enokizu.

Nijiko Kiyokawa as Hisano Asano. Chocho Miyako as Kayo Enokizu.

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    Sep 30, Rating: 4. View All Critic Reviews Jul 10, He attempts to create a Melville-like urban environment, but instead of being a random collection of scenes, the most intelligent thing he did with the movie was placing a central idea: trascendence has absolutely no relation with the earthly life, and what may be judged with earthly principles here, may not be judged equally in the afterlife interpret that with the Divine Law, Heaven or whatever otherwordly ideal suits you.

    That's why the bones get caught in the sky, gravityless. Edgar C Super Reviewer. Oct 03, A strange title "Vengeance Is Mine"when it should be "Anatomy of a Murderer" as thats what we get for two hours; 78 days in the murderous life of Iwao Enokizu, cut with parallel stories of his family and a few flashbacks to his youth. Shohei Imamura lays it on the line, there's no cop-out here of poor misunderstood killer, the man was a psychopath in the true sense of the word.

    Lesley N Super Reviewer. Sep 30, It is based on a true story, but somehow it just didn't make any sense. It doesn't attempt to give any answers or insight into the killers motives and psyche, and maybe that's the intention of the director, I don't know.