The Emotions and Cultural Analysis

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Therefore, Schwartz's 46 study indirectly support that high arousal emotions are more frequently experienced in Western culture than in Eastern culture. This is also in line with the fact that impulsiveness and sensation-seeking behavior, which are closely related to emotional arousal, 47 are also more profound in individualist countries than in collectivist countries. The fact that Asian cultural norm discourages experiencing or expressing high arousal emotions can also be explained from the perspective of traditional Asian medicine.

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From this standpoint, excessive emotional experience can be harmful and cause diseases, no matter how positive the emotions are. Emotional arousal is a fundamental and important dimension of affective experience, along with valence. Findings consistently support cultural differences in the levels of emotional arousal between the West and the East. Westerners value, promote, and experience high arousal emotions more than low arousal emotions, whereas the vice versa is true for Easterners.

As discussed above, emotion has a biological base. In addition, two fundamental dimensions of emotion, valence and arousal, are related to physiological aspect as well as brain activities. Therefore, cultural differences in emotion, especially in arousal level of emotion, can also have implications in other adjacent areas, such as neuroscience and science of medicine. However, so far only a few researches on this aspect of emotion have been conducted in Asian medicine.

As mentioned above, findings about emotion in psychology literature and Asian medicine are in line, in that Korean medicine cautions against excessive emotional activation, which can be translated as high emotional arousals in psychology. However, compared with studies on cultural differences in norms about emotional arousal level, fewer studies on cultural differences in emotional arousal level, per se , have been conducted, especially those with physiological measures. Therefore, additional research on cultural differences of emotional arousal level from the perspective of Asian medicine may become the stepping stone to an integrative medicine research on Asian medicine and psychology.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Integr Med Res v. Integr Med Res. Published online Mar Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Nangyeon Lim: rk.

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Published by Elsevier. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Whether emotion is universal or social is a recurrent issue in the history of emotion study among psychologists. Keywords: collectivist culture, cultural difference, emotional arousal level, individualist culture.

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Introduction Whether emotion is universal or social is a recurrent issue in the history of emotion study among psychologists. Individualist and collectivist cultures Cultural differences in various aspects of emotion have been studied and reported. Table 1 List of high and low arousal emotions.