The Dripping Sands Of Time

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The cold temperature made no negative impact on Jack, as he raced up and down the gypsum dunes, running like a war horse headed for battle.

Dripping Springs Trail

Mitzy has been here many times, and I am not quite sure her perception of the place, but she hung out like a trooper, padding across the sand. Also, we were pleased to introduce Tucker the pup to the joys of sand slogging.

After our time at the Monument we headed east 15 miles into Alamagordo, stopping at the Pistachio Shop, and then enjoyed a nice breakfast before heading back to camp. In talking to the staff at the visitor center though, popularity is surging as the illustrious leader of the Department of the Interior has threatened to shrink or eliminate the monument—the publicity has more than doubled attendance!

We arrived at the time the monument opened and hiked the Dripping Springs Trail. Pena Blanca 3 Mesquite, NM.

Nearby Trails 4. White Sands, NM. All Clear. Extremely Difficult.

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With James

As glassmaking progressed it became possible to seal the hourglass to keep out the moisture that slowed the fall of the sand. Elaborate processes dried the sand before it was inserted in the glass.

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A medieval treatise prescribed in place of sand a fine-ground black-marble dust, boiled nine times in wine. At each boiling, the scum was skimmed off, and finally the dust was dried in the sun. Folksonomies: engineering invention. Keywords: Hourglass Sand vs 0.

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