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Trial of the Clone

Image credit: Disney. She gets caught up in the galaxy's seedy underworld, but must be careful about using her Jedi abilities lest she make herself a target. Another Ahsoka arc would've brought her back in contact with the Jedi as they try to rescue Yoda from a Sith shrine that lies far beneath the Jedi Temple -- and brought her dangerously close to an encounter with Darth Sidious. Given Ahsoka's popularity, it's highly likely these will be used to make up the remainder of the upcoming season.

Cad Bane, a bounty hunter who regularly battled the Jedi in The Clone Wars, was going to team up with Boba Fett in one of the unused arcs. Cad knew Boba's late father, Jango the template for the clone army. This storyline would've taken them to Tatooine for the rescue of a child kidnapped by Tusken Raiders, and animatics were shown at Celebration Anaheim in Matt Michnovetz noted that Chewbacca, who appeared in season 3, would've played a huge role in these episodes.

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Filoni referred to an arc that was basically "Top Gun with clones," in which Rex and R2-D2 got stranded together after the clone ground forces argued with the pilots. The Yuuzhan Vong -- an extragalactic race of invaders from the non-canon New Jedi Order novel series -- would've made a brief appearance in an arc in which a scout ship tested the Republic's defenses hinting at plans for an invasion. Hidalgo said this was "almost like an X-Files episode.

Star Wars The Clone Wars (2008 full movie)

The final unaired arc we've heard about saw Sen. Padme Amidala and Anakin returning to the water world of Mon Calamari as Padme works to end Chancellor Palpatine's extended term of office.

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You cannot clone from the current state if template mode is enabled for the parent virtual machine. Specify whether to create a linked clone or a full clone.

Type a name and a location for the cloned virtual machine. Click Finish to create the clone and Close to exit the wizard. A full clone can take several minutes to create, depending on the size of the virtual disk that is being duplicated. If the parent virtual machine uses a static IP address, change the static IP address of the clone before the clone connects to the network to prevent IP address conflicts. Although the wizard creates a new MAC address and UUID for the clone, other configuration information, such as the virtual machine name and static IP address configuration, is identical to that of the parent virtual machine.