Texas Two Steps Four-Pack Bundle (Short Story Collection)

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Yet again the intrepid Mad Scholars escaped the sanatorium to bring us this third annual collection of mind-wrenching games, supplements, and scenarios inspired by HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos:. The Nerve Wrackers returned with our third annual collection of horror RPGs, this time featuring the Savage Worlds rulebook and Horror Companion plus two SW campaign settings, as well as several other terrifyingly fine games:.

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  • Texas Two Steps Four-Pack Bundle (Short Story Collection).

Our Gumptious Vanguard returned yet again with this all-new third annual fall collection of top-quality indie RPGs:. The Triple Aces and prolific designer Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams provided this cool -- no, bone-chillingly cold -- collection for Savage Worlds featuring epic fantasy adventure in the icebound world of Rassilon. In January , when we revived this offer as " Hellfrost Essentials," we revamped the lineup and added these supplements -- and, as always, all previous purchasers of the original run received the new additions automatically on their Wizard's Cabinet download page:.

PDF for the first time anywhere in this offer, and isn't available anywhere else. The Masters of Ceremonies provided this spectacular collection of great RPGs Powered by the Apocalypse -- that is, based on the rules engine introduced in the fantastically original Apocalypse World by D. Vincent Baker. Leading military history publisher Osprey Publishing provided this collection of beautifully illustrated treatises on myth and legend, fantastic lands and races, and alternate histories.

Dragonslayers by Joseph A. Our fellowship of Sedulous Historians returned with an all-new offering of alternate-historical and fantasy RPGs inspired by historical settings. With the inclusion of the classic SFRPG Timemaster originally published by Pacesetter Ltd in , customers got a way to link all these eras in one sprawling campaign. The Rampant Roach fellowship returned with this new collection featuring Midgard, the Kobold Press dark fantasy setting inspired by traditional European legends and folklore.

To learn more, check the free Midgard Preview. All the titles in this offer were the Pathfinder versions. Our fellowship of Hinterlanders brought us this collection featuring exotic settings and colorful eras for fantasy roleplaying.

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Millennium's End v2. The Far Futurists returned from the Spinward Marches yet again with a third collection featuring classic Traveller. This large collection, from Traveller designer Marc W. Miller at Far Future Enterprises , enjoyed greater success than both our previous classic Traveller offers put together.

This offer was curated by Owen K. Those hard-bitten Private Detectives returned with this hardboiled collection of indie RPGs inspired by crime novels and film noir stories about tough crooks and the tougher people who hunt them. The Gutter Runners crept from the foggy London alleys with this collection featuring the Cubicle 7 Entertainment RPG of Victorian high adventure, gothic fantasy magic, and steampunk engineering. No fooling! Laundry agents fight Cthulhu Mythos horrors and bureaucratic supervisors.

The Storm Knights returned with another huge collection featuring the classic s multi-genre tabletop roleplaying game of the Possibility War in the Near Now. By getting this collection together with our January Torg Bundle, customers received all the cosm location sourcebooks and important supplements for the entire Torg line.

We also presented, for the first time anywhere since the October Hillfolk Kickstarter campaign, a collection of Hillfolk musical tracks composed by James Semple and Marie-Anne Fischer. These tracks are not yet sold at retail. The Camarilla sired this amazing collection featuring the 2nd Edition of White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade and many of its finest supplements. Our Carellians brought us this collection featuring C. Carella 's light, low-crunch, fast-playing Unisystem from Eden Studios. Conspiracy X 2.

Our Archival Researchers brought us this collection of ebooks presenting the history and highlights of the roleplaying game hobby. Laws, 40 Years of Gen Con. The Storm Knights brought us this huge collection featuring the classic s multi-genre tabletop roleplaying game of Storm Knights fighting the Possibility War in the Near Now.

The Freebooters from Frog God Games brought us this collection featuring their Pathfinder pirate-fantasy campaign setting of dark heroic swashbuckling and terror in the Age of Sail. From the deepest depths, the Dungeoneers brought this fine collection featuring Sage Kobold's bestselling Apocalypse Engine fantasy RPG plus a full line of supplements and adventures:.

The Fated Fellowship returned with an all-new collection of leading RPGs that use the popular and fast-growing Fate rules system:.

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  8. Volvo says its entire product line will soon be offered via Care. The Swedish automaker has since vowed to include all of its models in the Care program, but currently, we only have pricing for the XC Some of the more critical aspects of the Care by Volvo plan are the excess wear and use protection included with your subscription. If you park exclusively by feel, you may still end up paying for deep scratches or dents, but this should help soften the blow.

    Volvo also includes a road hazard plan for tires and wheels so if a box of nails drops off the back of someone's handyman truck and your tire picks them up, it's covered. If you fall into one of Detroit's man-eating potholes and your rim is destroyed to the point where it will no longer hold air or can't be balanced, that's covered too.

    Curbing the hell out of your Volvo's rim wouldn't be included, however, so practice your parallel parking in something else. Under Volvo's service and maintenance plan, all repair and wear items are covered in the first three services 10,, 20, and 30, miles. This includes things like brake pads, wiper blades and fluids. This sounds pretty good, but typically in the first 30, miles of car ownership, maintenance items aren't that big of a deal; for example, having to replace a set of brakes at 30, miles on something like the XC40 would be atypical.

    Texas Two-Step - Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & 中文)

    Lastly, unlike the more expensive programs by Cadillac and Porsche , Care by Volvo only lets you swap cars every 12 months in most markets. While that's still better than most lease programs, it's not ideal for those of us who suffer from a lack of car commitment. Carpe is one of the only subscription services that locks you into a car choice for a year, but the cars are cool. Most of the OEM subscription services that we're talking about let you swap cars out whenever you feel like it and cost a boatload of money. Only Care By Volvo locked you into a car for a 12 month period, but not any more, because now Jaguar Land Rover is getting into the game with Carpe as in carpe diem, which I think is Latin for " Dead Poets Society is one of the best Robin Williams movies" , a new subscription service that is, for the time being, only available in the UK.

    Like most subscription services, it's all-inclusive so your monthly fee takes care of the car, insurance and maintenance, leaving you to deal with fuel and not much else. Interestingly, Jaguar Land Rover isn't requiring a deposit, but should you choose to put one down anyway, it will lower your monthly subscription cost. While Carpe is currently UK-only, we wouldn't be terribly surprised if it hopped the pond, given how hot the subscription market segment is right now. Roadshow has asked Jaguar Land Rover if it has any plans to bring Carpe here, but so far, it's remained tight-lipped on the subject.

    The program offers a two-year, 20,mile lease inclusive of insurance and maintenance for a single, non-negotiable price. Details are still a little thin at this point, with Lexus refusing to divulge whether prospective lessees will configure and order their cars at a dealership or online, and how just how much one would expect to pay for the program. So far, 80 dealers in these states have agreed to participate in Complete Lease. Lexus has confirmed that the program has the potential to expand to other models if the initial program with the UX proves to be popular.

    Mercedes-Benz has been talking about launching its pilot program for a car subscription service for months and now it's a reality. The program is called Mercedes-Benz Collection and, like most of the other OEM programs, it's not cheap but it might be worth it if you really love that three-pointed star and live in Atlanta, Nashville or Philadelphia.

    The program is called Mercedes-Benz Collection , and it provides a pretty broad range of cars to those who subscribe. The plan, like others from OEMs, has more than one tier. If your jaw is on the floor over the price of the Premier tier, you're not alone. That's a lot of cash per month, but the ability to "flip" into different vehicles with minimal notice through the Mercedes-Benz Collection concierge service is pretty cool. As with most subscription plans, cars are delivered to you cleaned and fueled, and the plan includes insurance.

    Joining is a relatively simple process.

    Additional Information

    You just have to download the Mercedes-Benz Collection app and go through the prompts, which include sending a photo of your driver's license, and in around 24 hours you should have a decision on your application. Porsche's Passport service is expensive, but it gives you a lot for your money.

    First, you pick one of two tiers. Panamera, too.

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    That said, exclusive models like the GT3 RS are off-limits no matter what. The next thing you need to know, and perhaps the biggest bummer about the whole Porsche Passport program, is the geographical area it serves. If you don't live in Atlanta, you're outta luck for now.

    Apart from that, it's all sunshine and roses. Unlike Book by Cadillac, Passport includes full-detail washes as part of its fee, so you'll never in theory be charged for turning in a dirty car.

    Manual Texas Two Steps Four-Pack Bundle (Short Story Collection)

    There are also no mileage restrictions, so if you feel like road-tripping your borrowed Panamera S around the US, that should be fine. The rest is simple and handled through either Porsche's app or its concierge service. Porsche Drive is a short-term car rental service for Atlanta residents that offers short-term rentals -- think between 4 hours and a week -- of Porsche vehicles with mileage caps. Porsche Host sees the brand partnering with peer-to-peer car rental service Turo to offer short ish term loans from a week to a month of customer-owned Porsche vehicles from specially selected "five-star" Turo hosts.

    The cars can be booked through the Turo app.

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    6. Audi's Select vehicle subscription service has two tiers available to prospective members. It offers more Audi models, as well as more frequent car swaps, two a month in this case. For your hard-earned money, Audi takes care of insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. Drivers have unlimited mileage in the vehicles, with the only out-of-pocket expense being fuel. Members also receive two days of service from Silvercar -- an Audi-only rental car company -- and concierge service with pick-up and drop-off of vehicles. If you love the brand with the Four Rings, it's not a bad way to go.

      Genesis is getting into the subscription-style lease game with Spectrum. The program is like a standard lease that rolls in all your maintenance and insurance costs with your monthly payment. Like Lexus' Complete Lease program, you can't necessarily swap cars, but Spectrum does give you access to all of Genesis' product line. Spectrum will see a limited release starting with the 45 Genesis dealers in Florida, and it's not totally clear if or when Genesis will expand the program to other markets. Read more in Genesis' announcement here.

      These subscription services aren't directly backed and managed by a vehicle manufacturer. Choose the furniture that fits your lifestyle or select CORT's Move-In Ready service and let our style experts design a custom package for you. CORT offers a wide range of furniture pieces in different styles for every room of your home. Explore furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom, home office and more.

      CORT's expert design team is here to make your move as easy as possible. Give us a few details about your space and we'll do the rest.