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One of the top places to go for craft cocktails in Cincinnati. I love the atmosphere here. I highly recommend Nada for good Mexican food! I love this breakfast spot. We were spoiled and got a private tour of their facility, but this national ice cream brand is Cincinnati-grown. Their black raspberry chocolate chip is out of this world.

12 Best Things To Do in Cincinnati

A really cool winery that is trying out unique and interesting grapes native to the Cincinnati region. This restaurant is basically my dream restaurant. Chicken everything, tater tots, poutine and Brussels sprouts. I wish I could move this restaurant to Omaha. My father-in-law told me he heard great things about Cincinnati BBQ. You guys, this place is legit. This place is so fun and great for a group outing.

I love biscuits so much. I was running out of time on my trip to get to check out this place so I literally took an Uber, placed a biscuit order and then immediately hopped back in another Uber to head to my next stop. The chef is doing really cool things with their menu. This museum has so many fun exhibits. I got to calculate how happy I am on a day to day basis This is a smaller space but it has really thought-provoking exhibits.

I got to read phonetically balanced sentences which was pretty cool. I wish everyone could go to this museum.

My favorite was the real dinosaur bones and real mummy artifacts! This is one of the oldest art museums in the United States. I wish I had hours more to explore this museum.

Walking tours are such a great way to get to know an area, and Cincinnati has a lot of them. I recommend the Cincinnati Food Tour where you will get to try a wide array of Cincinnati favorites, and the Under the Market Tour where you go underground and see the tunnels used for brewing beer back in the day. Cincinnati is right on the border between Ohio and Kentucky. You will thank me later. You are in a prime bourbon location.

New Riff Distilling is a Newport distillery that is less than five years old, but already making a big name for themselves. They entered the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for the first time this year with four entries. All four entries won the highest award of Double Gold. They are bottled in bond and taste fan freaking tasting.

Fun Around the City: Cincinnati Date Ideas

They have a tasting room at their location and also offer tours so you can see how bourbon is made. With discounts afterwards for purchases you make at their shop! I so regretted not bringing a checked back on my trip! I was walking by a beautiful building and stopped to ask security what was inside.

She let me know about the Mercantile Library inside, so I decided to check it out. Downtown Cincinnati has so many good murals.

The Nati in a Nutshell

Head on out for a walk on a beautiful day and see how many you can find! Click To Tweet. Questions of the Day: Have you been to Cincinnati? Are you a bourbon fan? Which of these must-dos is top of your list? Thanks to Cincinnati Experience for sponsoring this post! And the bourbon distillery definitely looks like an interesting time! Love the pictures you got of everything! Especially the hotel! It looks NICE! So many fun places to visit in Cincinnati.

Wouls like to stay at 21c cincinnati. By the way yummy food pics? Your photos are amazing, and really capture what Cincy is all about! The museum hotel sounds like the kind of place we like to stay!

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Cincy is one of the places in the US that I want to visit. Cincinnati is booming with sports, entertainment, cultural, historical, culinary, and outdoor opportunities born out of a deep industrial background. See also: Where to Stay in Cincinnati. The center is a Cincinnati icon and features three museums at its one location at Union Station.

The Museum Center has an active schedule of traveling national and international exhibits. The splendidly renovated Music Hall is one of the finest buildings in Cincinnati.

The facade contains arched entranceways below one huge round window and is flanked by two square towers. It features two tiers of balconies and an ornate ceiling with decorative panels that give it a particular charm. The Music Hall Ballroom can accommodate some 1, people and is used for events and exhibitions. Events requiring a more intimate setting are held in the Corbett Tower, which holds just people.

It also contains one of the largest insectariums in the world. A visit to the zoo is a full day, with rides, a 4D theater, and animal encounters and shows. Family programs are available as well as special events throughout the year. The botanical garden has many exhibits that are also educational, where you can learn about the best plants for pollinators, native plants, or take part in one of the many symposiums and classes offered throughout the year.

A visit to Cincinnati is not complete without taking in an iconic Reds Baseball game at the Great American Ball Park in the heart of downtown. As baseball's first professional franchise, the Reds are a household name in Cincinnati and an important part of the community. In Eden Park, the Cincinnati Art Museum features prominent works of art, including sculpture, ceramics, and pictures from great civilizations of five millennia.

25 Best Free Things to Do in Cincinnati

On display is the permanent collection, along with temporary national and international exhibitions. Highlights of the collection include American and European painting and sculpture, Far East and African art, Decorative Arts, textiles, and photographs. The museum is also popular for its art-related programs and special events held throughout the year.

The Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati is the city's horticultural gem, with more than 3, plant species from all corners of the globe. The conservatory features unique themed houses that include a desert and a tropical rainforest, complete with waterfalls. Built in during the Art Deco era, the Krohn Conservatory became known for its unique architecture of aluminum and glass, as well as its diverse species of plants inside the greenhouse.

It is managed by the City of Cincinnati Parks Department and hosts various events and changing exhibits throughout the year. It is listed as a National Historic Landmark and gives a sense of the grandeur of an earlier age. The museum displays a small but impressive collection of paintings from Old Masters, European Decorative Arts, sculptures, and furniture among many other pieces. It is regarded as Barnard's best work but was controversial at the time for its representation.

Barnard had hoped to portray a less conventional image and show Lincoln more as a man of the people, and consequently the statue revealed Lincoln in a slouched stance wearing common, if not shabby, clothes. The museum hosts regular educational talks and social events throughout the year. The focal point of the Cincinnati city center, with its modern tower blocks, is Fountain Square.