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The book start with the grant family reuniting but also with the news that their event planner was embezzling money and is no longer their event planner for obvious reasons. I like that this book focuses on family dynamics and how the wedding is coming together rather than focusing on the romance. The romance is only a small part of the book which is not a bad thing because this family is amazing and watching them have fun, make jokes, and the overall shenanigans is great.

This family is just so adorable, each of their personalities mesh very well and watching Charlie reminisce the things that have happened in this house is wonderful. The entire Grant family considers him family anyway and they all get along, so no trouble on that end. I loved that parts of this book was hilarious and loving and the other parts was serious yet brought the family together. The relationship between each of the siblings is mind blowing and watching this entire family have their own inside jokes, bets, insults, and nicknames is heartwarming. Just seeing this family function in their own unique way is mesmerizing and seeing them try to function through all the problems that occur in the span of two days is hilarious.

I love that this book was so funny at times. I flew through this book, not kidding, I finished it in the same day I started it all while ignoring a ton of work I really had to do, so just another day in my life. This book was beautiful and heartwarming, I give it 5 stars and recommend it to contemporary lovers.

View all 9 comments. Jun 12, Ashley Nuckles rated it really liked it.

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Super cute! I loved the family and all the funniness! Jan 23, Maureen rated it it was amazing. I loved this SO much and I am very emotional. Will probably reread and do a video review closer to when the book releases in June.

View all 8 comments. Nov 16, Giselle marked it as to-read Shelves: , age-young-adult.

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View all 3 comments. View all 45 comments. And I knew there would be new friends, new experiences, maybe even amazing adventures ahead of me. But I felt like I needed, for just a moment, to appreciate what I was - what we all were - leaving behind. The Grant family was the kind of family we'd all want to be a part of. They were funny, imperfect, loving and so real. It felt like I was in their house the entire time "How was it that you only fully realized what you had when it was gone? It felt like I was in their house the entire time I was reading. The plot revolves around Linnie's wedding and the weekend of festivities which coincide with the mom's final installment of her famed comic strip which was loosely based off the family.

Now, it's impossible to sum everything up that happens in that 1 tidy sentence. It was hard not to fall in love with this bunch. View all 27 comments. Aug 04, Natasha Polis rated it really liked it. More like a 3.

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I feel like as an adult, I got it, it resonated in me, but to a teen this could be just a fun read. But type A personality almost DNF this book so hard. Oh gosh, some scenes I wish I read while taking shots. Jun 10, Nat rated it liked it.

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Save the Date still holds the same hectic atmosphere since the main event - the wedding - is taking place at the Grant's house with a bunch of siblings set to arrive all at once. Making decisions about things like what college to attend and reuniting with longstanding crush Jesse Foster—all that can wait. You start to get into it and then poof the book's over.

Save the Date , in particular, hit it off with a bang by starting with a romantic get-together that swept me right into the storyline. And Jesse kept turning to talk to Mike, which meant he kept leaning into me, his bare leg pressing against mine. So, as I sat on the couch next to him now, it was with full awareness that this proximity to him—voluntary, as opposed to car-logistic mandated—was a brand-new thing.

To know that you were just a face in the crowd scenes while they were center stage. And then, all at once, to have the spotlight finally swing over to you. To suddenly be visible, to be seen, no longer one of the people in the background who never get any lines.

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What that felt like when it finally happened, dropped in your lap when you were least expecting it, like a gift you were half-afraid to open. That moment when you know he can't see past you anymore. He was cute, and he was a great kisser. But that was actually all I really knew about him, Jesse the actual person. I'm putting that major revelation aside by moving on to discuss the actual book, which is 'what you see is what you get' synopsis-wise since the entirety of it is set around three hectic wedding days without any major flashbacks.

The only remaining upside Save the Date held for me were Charlie's siblings with their dynamic personalities put into one house. It's the little things that made them seem so close to me. Mike Drops were something that J. All of which had worked out great when Mike was six. Support creators you love. Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko-fi. Jun 18, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: ya-contemporary. Mostly the situations in it really.

Almost every situation if something could go wrong, it did It often reminded me of some movies where crazy situations keep happening which give me such bad anxiety honestly. So loving, so flawed and so funny! View all 6 comments. May 11, Samantha rated it liked it. Big families and wedding drama? This is the story of my life. It was really great to read about someone else's problems when it comes to those two things. This book was just so entertaining and it had me sitting with my bowl popcorn. Charlie has made it her mission to ensure that her sister's wedding at their family home runs smoothly.

The house they've lived in for two decades has been sold and this is the last weekend they have for the whole Grant family to be together. Nothing can go wrong Missing wedding planners and misplaced decorations. Meddlesome neighbours and a paper girl with a grudge. The weekend of her sisters wedding also happens to be the ending of Charlie's moms famous comic strip, Grant Central Station , which she based on their family. As the youngest of five kids, Charlie remembers the days when her whole family lived together to be as is depicted in her moms comic.

The perfect family. This weekend is a wake up call to Charlie that not everything was as perfect as she remembers. All in all this book was really fun! Slightly ridiculous and unrealistic but still super fun!

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This will officially be my first Morgan Matson book. Please be good to me. View all 16 comments. Save the Date is absolutely wonderful. I love the focus on thr Grant family, and it was really cool to see the dynamic among the family as a whole unit as well as in smaller groupings. And all the wedding hijinks are amazing. Full review to come! Pre-review: I can't make this stupid gif load correctly, but to quote Tom Haverford: "This is America. I want it now! Oct 02, Fares rated it it was ok. This is my second Morgan Matson book and it's the highest I rated too, I'm beginning to think that her books aren't for me : I never really minded this in books before but this felt like a bunch of rich white people trying to fix problems they caused themselves, with money.

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And I'm using the word problems with the broadest definition of the word because some of them were honestly like first world problems. I hated this book from the very first chapter, in which the MC meets her crush at a party a This is my second Morgan Matson book and it's the highest I rated too, I'm beginning to think that her books aren't for me : I never really minded this in books before but this felt like a bunch of rich white people trying to fix problems they caused themselves, with money.

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  5. I hated this book from the very first chapter, in which the MC meets her crush at a party and suddenly they are alone, a few minutes pass and things are moving fast between them. The entire plotline with Jesse was absolutely unnecessary. And don't even get me started with the rest of her family, they all were different level of jerks.