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Kass, who left the White House at the end of In those days, the president followed the billiards game with bedtime routines with his daughters. These days, now that both are teenagers, Mr. Obama heads directly to the Treaty Room, named for the many historical documents that have been signed in it, including the peace protocol that ended the Spanish-American War in Kass said. Obama often reads through it in a leather swivel chair at his tablelike desk, under a portrait of President Ulysses S. Windows on each side of Grant look out on the brightly lit Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

To stay awake, the president does not turn to caffeine. He rarely drinks coffee or tea, and more often has a bottle of water next to him than a soda. His friends say his only snack at night is seven lightly salted almonds. A photo taken in shows Mr. Obama in the Treaty Room with Mr. McDonough, at that time the deputy national security adviser, and John O.

Brennan, then Mr. Obama told Jon Meacham, the editor in chief of Newsweek, in In , Mr. Three months earlier, Mr. Keenan had had to return to the White House when the president summoned him — at midnight — to go over changes to a speech Mr. Obama was to deliver in Selma, Ala. It lets you think. In , Jon Favreau, Mr. Obama stayed up until 4 a. Favreau 11 handwritten pages later that morning. On the plane to Norway, Mr.

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Obama, Mr. Favreau and two other aides pulled another near-all-nighter as they continued to work on the speech. Once Mr. Obama had delivered it, he called the exhausted Mr. Favreau at his hotel.

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Favreau recalled. Obama turns up the sound on the television for big sports games. Love recalls getting an email after 1 a. Why had he not met them, the president asked Mr. Love recalled. Obama and his family are often in the Family Theater, a seat screening room on the first floor of the East Wing, watching first-run films they have chosen and had delivered from the Motion Picture Association of America.

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There is time, too, for fantasy about what life would be like outside the White House. Emanuel, who is now the mayor of Chicago but remains close to the president, said he and Mr. When you are president you are not allowed to go numb to protect yourself from whatever news might happen. But it was too late; my time was up; I returned to my seat in the cabin. There are no announcements from the pilot and no seat-belt signs; people are up and walking around during takeoff and landing. One moment you are up in the air. The next— bam! Tyler Stark hit the desert floor in what he believed was a perfect position.

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He looked around for shelter. There was nothing but a few chest-high thornbushes and some small rocks. He was in the middle of a desert; there was no place to hide. I need to get away from this area, he thought.

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He collected the gear he wanted, stuffed the rest in a thornbush, and began to move. You just go with your gut decision to get to safety.

He wandered the desert until he realized there was no place to go. In the end he found a thornbush a little bigger than the others and got himself inside it as best he could. There he called nato command, to let them know where he was. What appeared to be a border collie had found him, and every time he moved to pick up his communications gear the dog moved in on him and started barking.

He reached for and armed his 9-mm. Shoot a dog? He liked dogs. The light passed right over the thornbush. Tyler was now flat on the ground.

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But he could see that the light had stopped moving back and forth and had settled on him. Not quite that easy. Relations with the public are indeed important, maybe now more than ever, as public opinion is the only tool he has for pressuring an intractable opposition to agree on anything. He admits that he has been guilty, at times, of misreading the public. He badly underestimated, for instance, how little it would cost Republicans politically to oppose ideas they had once advocated, merely because Obama supported them. He thought the other side would pay a bigger price for inflicting damage on the country for the sake of defeating a president.

But the idea that he might somehow frighten Congress into doing what he wanted was, to him, clearly absurd. About cable news. That model has progressively shifted for each president.

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  2. Obama is not allowed to use an iPhone due to security risks.
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But if you happen to be president just now, what you are faced with, mainly, is not a public-relations problem but an endless string of decisions. Putting it the way George W. Bush did sounded silly but he was right: the president is a decider. Many if not most of his decisions are thrust upon the president, out of the blue, by events beyond his control: oil spills, financial panics, pandemics, earthquakes, fires, coups, invasions, underwear bombers, movie-theater shooters, and on and on and on.

So you wind up dealing with probabilities. You have to own that and feel comfortable with the way you made the decision. People being led do not want to think probabilistically. On March 11 a tsunami rolled over the Japanese village of Fukushima, triggering the meltdown of reactors inside a nuclear power plant in the town—and raising the alarming possibility that a cloud of radiation would waft over the United States.

If you happened to be president of the United States, you were woken up and given the news. Not even close. At that very moment, you were deciding on whether to approve a ridiculously audacious plan to assassinate Osama bin Laden in his house in Pakistan. You were arguing, as ever, with Republican leaders in Congress about the budget. And you were receiving daily briefings on various revolutions in various Arab countries. In early February, following the lead of the Egyptians and the Tunisians, the Libyan people had revolted against their dictator, who was now bent on crushing them.

If you were president just then and you turned your television to some cable news channel you would have seen many Republican senators screaming at you to invade Libya and many Democratic congressmen hollering at you that you had no business putting American lives at risk in Libya. How many more people have to die before the United States decides, O.

On that day the French announced they were planning to introduce a resolution in the United Nations to use U. The president had to decide whether to support the no-fly-zone resolution or not. At p. We knew they were moving faster than we originally anticipated.