Lord of Legends (Mills & Boon Nocturne)

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Lord Of Legends

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My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. The more she breathed, the more the sandalwood scent clung to her, and the more her reality altered, as if this, her home, was nothing more than a mirage. As if the vampire's cage was real. As if she needed to stand up and walk—no, run —until she reached him. Anything to be with him, now and forever.

Enough of that. She slapped the book closed, even though so many questions were left dangling, and strode away. Such a strong reaction coupled with her dreams utterly nixed the idea of a joke. Not that she'd placed much hope in that direction. However, the remaining possibilities upset her, and she refused to contemplate them.

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She showered, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans and ate a nutritious breakfast. Unbidden, she found her gaze returning to the leather binding, over and over again. She wondered if the enslaved vampire were real—and okay. If she could help him. A few times, she even opened to the middle of the book before she realized she'd moved. Always she darted off before the story could snare her. And perhaps that's why the stupid thing had been given to her.

To hook her, to send her racing back to work.

Shifters Destiny (Mills & Boon Nocturne)

Well, she didn't need to work. Money was not a problem for her. More than that, she no longer loved the sciences. Why would she? There was never a solution, only more problems. Because when one puzzle piece slid into place, there were always twenty more needed. And in the end, nothing you did, nothing that had been solved or unraveled, would save the ones you loved.

Nocturne Montage - PRESS R! (Highlights #3)

There would always be some dumb guy throwing back a few cold ones at the local bar, getting into his car and hitting yours. Or something equally tragic.