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I turn in pro, when I decided begin again with my life before I broke up with the father of my children, got my jobt with the government in education as a teacher and I acomplish my goals every day. Today I have been working for 12 years , I feel happy with my job, I have been recognized by my work, my son is finishing his career and my daugther too. I feel that I can do more, for me, for the students, for my family and for the world. This is turn in pro for me. This is a quote that is actually mis-quoted a lot.

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I had an art scholarship, a natural inclination to create. I start to cry every time I look at a newly bought set of paints now. Hey, I bought the paint and I have many dreams of what I would do… but I avoid it, I can only think it must be fear. Thanks for the great article. I have moved to a new city Johannesburg without many resources but only with the intention of finishing my play. I love going to other environments to write.

But the city that I now reside is incredibly dangerous to walk as a female with a laptop.

I have not one friend in this city. So I am feeling rather bleak. But I suppose that is a life of an addict and an amateur really. A penny less dreamer, an uncalculated fool really. Brilliantly put!

The Facebook thing is really getting my goat. Danielle Barnes - September These simple exercises can be invaluable for personal and professional growth. Follow the Johari Window technique to identify blind spots in your self-perception, uncover hidden strengths, and allow for new opportunities to come your way. Tina Essmaker - September A design studio, a creative director, and an art director take on the issue of social media vs.

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Mitch Goldstein - January The addict is the amateur; the artist is the professional. Displacement activities. When you turn pro, your life gets very simple. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Type your email here. Jocelyn K. Glei More Posts by Jocelyn K. Comments 66 Kizito "Kizzy" Katawonga. E j Carr. I just hope and pray to eventually find something I could pour my heart out for life. Maria Ana Neves. Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure.

Even the keys behind the reception desk are marked with his musical silhouettes. They bring me my peace. But serenity is a privilege in New York. Dozens of these establishments date back nearly to the Civil War. The Alabama Hotel, the Grand Windsor Hotel, the Providence Hotel — their cell-like stalls had chicken wire rather than ceilings, and they cost pennies per night. They became the primitive dwellings of desperate men who gradually saw no benefits to ever checking out.

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In the s, change came to the Bowery, and most of the old flops were developed into restaurants and hotels. But the men clinging on in the remaining hotels were protected by housing laws that gave them the rights of permanent residents. Eviction became a complicated procedure, and real-estate developers have had to contend with these holdouts ever since. They pass by one another with grumbled greetings and take showers in a fluorescent-lit basement bathroom.

Chess is played in the lobby. Two men have a bitter grudge and have hardly spoken in years. I met Rob in a dark hallway. Heavyset and missing teeth, he said he had good reasons to withhold his full name. This is an old hotel. I think of myself as a survivor here. Roland spends hours in a chair overlooking a sparse backyard. Leave or stay? That would ruin my flow.

And I have to be ready to receive it. All the other stuff? One afternoon last summer , Sir Shadow composed his one-line drawings for tourists at his regular spot in Washington Square Park. He hummed his lullaby as he drew in his sketchpad. In fact, the artist deflected nearly every comment about his work into philosophical musings. Especially questions about his life. Sir Shadow can lose his temper when pressed about his past. I knew who he was before he became Sir Shadow. He was raised in a sprawling housing project, and he was an artistic child who wrote poetry about life in his neighborhood.

He dropped out of Jamaica High School. He declined to discuss his family. In the s, he told me, he heard about the countercultural movement in San Francisco, and he boarded a cross-country bus. He started sleeping on the beach, hanging out with artists, and devoting himself to his poetry. His idyll ended when he heard that his brother died in Queens. Prison changed him.

That was hard for me. The tragedy triggered a spiritual awakening. Then I picked another name. Among the earliest examples of assemblage , the shadow boxes also helped give rise to a host of other Modern and Contemporary American art forms, from Installation art to Fluxus boxes.

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He was the oldest child of four including two sisters, Elizabeth and Helen, and a brother, Robert, who suffered from cerebral palsy. When Cornell was thirteen, his father died of leukemia after battling the disease for several years. After his father's death, the family moved to Douglastown, Long Island where his mother took on several odd jobs to support her children.

With the help of his father's former employer, Joseph Cornell was able to attend Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, for a few years.

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  6. While at Phillips, the headmaster took notice of Cornell's extreme shyness and insecurity and expressed his concern to Cornell's mother. Cornell seemed to be overly fearful of many things, and he once confided in his sister Elizabeth how frightened he was at the concept of infinity. When he was in his twenties, he learned about Christian Science and became a devout follower of the religion, as he believed it had cured him of recurring stomach ailments. The below artworks are the most important by Joseph Cornell - that both overview the major creative periods, and highlight the greatest achievements by the artist.

    With its dream-like imagery and subject matter that revolves around childhood memory, Tilly-Losch addresses themes that would recur throughout Cornell's oeuvre. It features a cut-out image of a girl suspended by strings against a sky-blue background, hovering above an image of a mountain range as she holds a wooden bead on a string. The piece takes its name from the Viennese actress and dancer Tilly Losch, who lived and worked in the United States, appearing in several Hollywood films of the s and s. As such, it evokes Cornell's interest in filmmaking and movie stars, both of which would figure largely in his work, while the piece's stage-like setting is a nod to Cornell's love of theater.

    In these works, Cornell used the Surrealist practice of juxtaposing unrelated found objects, in this case, a doll's head, a clay pipe used to make soap bubbles, a bird's egg, a glass, an antique map of the moon, and a print of the leaning tower at Pisa. Some writers have interpreted the piece as a family portrait, with the doll's head "depicting" the artist, the egg symbolizing his mother, the pipe his father, and the four blocks at the top as Cornell and his three siblings.